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Making a Difference for Our Clients and Communities We Live In

Company Profile

Ratnavajra Capital LLC, doing business as RVJ Capital, is a Delaware company registered in April 2016.  We provide independent business consulting services to U.S. companies seeking to do business in Central Asian countries, where we have a significant project development experience and deep country knowledge, as well as emerging market companies on growth strategies and entrance to U.S. markets.  These projects create an opportunity to advance American capital and American exports of goods and services in Central Asia and other emerging markets. RVJ Capital is based in and operates from New York City.


Our company existence and success depend on:


  1. Global economic activity;

  2. Our ability to attract new clients and understanding of our clients’ needs; 

  3. Our ability to attract and retain the right talent and business partners;

  4. Our ability to deliver on promises we make.  


We connect the world one project at a time.

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